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Jean-Paul Sartre
Includes links, chronology, and an essay on Sartre's Transcendence of the Ego.

Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook
A faux culinary weblog in the existential manner of Sartre himself.

My Encounter with Sartre
By Edward Said.

Nobel e-Museum: Jean-Paul Sartre
A biography and citation for the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Sartre and Me
By Richard Eyre.

Sartre Online
Features biography, articles, links, and an examination of Sartre's influences.

The Cry - Jean-Paul Sartre
Features Biography, Links, Works, a discussion board and more.

Sartre & Existentialism
Katharena Eiermann's page on Sartre, information and resources.

Guide to No Exit
A peek at Sartre's book.

Summary of some main points from Sartre's books.

Philosophers: Sartre
A look into Sartre and his philosophy.

My Name is Sartre.
A lecture transcribed.

Paul Vincent Spade's page on Sartre.
Links, information resources, and interesting facts on Sartre.